What Should First Time Buyers Consider When Getting a Loan

When the question is asked, “What are the best mortgage lenders for first time buyers?” Well, the best is quite frankly someone who you create a one-to-one relationship with.  You see, as a first time buyer, you would make sure you choose someone who does Mortgage brokering as a career and not just a job.  Choose someone with a real estate license and NMLS license.  That is the first step.

The second thing to consider is to build your knowledge to the highest level such that your loan, as much as the mortgage broker works hard for, cannot sustain the loan or rate because you did something to compromise the loan.

Below is a PDF document that gives you an insider type knowledge on what can go wrong, should you not keep an eye on it.

Download the document and should it help you, please give us a testimonial on how it has helped you out.


Bottom line, there are many steps to the process to ensure a quality loan closing.